AD7511 DI CMOS Protected Analog Switches

Product Details

The AD7510DI, AD7511DI and AD7512DI are a family of latch proof dielectrically isolated CMOS switches featuring over-voltage protection up to ± 25V above the power supplies. These benefits are obtained without sacrificing the low "ON" resistance (75n) or low leakage current (500pA), the main features of an analog switch.

The AD7510DI and AD7511DI consist of four independent SPST analog switches packaged in either a 16-pin DIP or a 20- terminal surface mount package. They differ only in that the digital control logic is inverted. The AD7512DI has two independent SPDT switches packaged either in a 14-pin DIP or a 20-terminal surface mount package.

Very low power dissipation, overvoltage protection and TTL/CMOS direct interfacing are achieved by combining a unique circuit design and a dielectrically isolated CMOS process. Silicon nitride passivation ensures long term stability while monolithic construction provides reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • Latch-Proof
  • Overvoltage-Proof: ±25V
  • Low RON: 75Ω
  • Low Dissipation: 3mW
  • TTL/CMOS Direct Interface
  • Silicon-Nitride Passivated
  • Monolithic Dielectrically-Isolated CMOS
  • Standard 14-/16-Pin DIPs and 20-Terminal Surface Mount Packages